Services: System Spark Plugs


It’s one thing to be NDIS ready.

But what happens to the best idea if it doesn’t fit the big NDIS systems?

System Spark Plugs gives good ideas for outcomes-based activities a real fighting chance in our NDIS systems.

So we take a very close look at the everyday but crucial systems that help make or break outcomes.  Like filling out Progress Notes, doing participant handovers or Active Support moments. And we figure out ways to tweak those established support systems to spark better and better outcomes with participants.

Right now, we’re figuring out a couple things:

  • Note Progress: How to do progress notes together with participants to lead to better NDIS outcomes?
  • Handover with a Hand Up: How to do participant handovers from one supporter to another to mutually improve outcomes and reach goals?
  • Passions to Outcomes: How might participants discover more interests? And support workers bring more of their passions and interests to the job?  With the kinds of NDIS systems we’ve been setting up.

Are you figuring out similar things?

We’d love to hear from you: